Who We Support

We support a number of initiatives in the Auckland Community that try to make a difference and help beautify Manukau and Auckland.

Some key initiatives we support include:


The Manukau Beautification Charitable Trust (MBCT) is proud to be the 2016/17 major supporter of the Tread Lightly Caravan.

The Tread Lightly Caravant is Auckland's only mobile environmental classroom, packed with interactive exhibits and activities, specifically designed to teach and inspire students (years 5-8) to think and act upon the environmental consequences of their everyday lives.

The Tread Lightly Caravan provides leadership in environmental education.  Their work aligns perfectly with our commitment to projects that enhance our community and natural environment.

•       The TLC is mobile so they come to you!
•       Great value at $5 (incl GST) per student
•       Specifically designed for years 5-8 (8-12years old) – but years 3-4 can be accommodated
•       Each class spends an hour and a half in the caravan, facilitated by a qualified teacher and assistant
•       Pre and post visit educational material is provided to ensure optimum learning outcomes
To book, email Katie Jones or phone 09 625 6943.  Find out more at tread-lightly.org.

Alzheimers Auckland logoALZHEIMERS AUCKLAND

Alzheimers Auckland offer a network of support and assistance to family, friends and people with dementia. Their motto is to "Inspiring people living with dementia to make the most of each day” - something that aligns with our values at the Trust.

Alzheimers Auckland work with us, using our facilities to host activities like arts and crafts and morning teas, encouraging people living with dementia to stay engaged with life and keep busy while also doing good for the community.

Some of our early-Alzheimer group activities include:

  • creating more than 2,000 flags used on cupcakes for White Ribbon Day
  • making thousands of big white cardboard ribbons to support a recent stand for violent-free homes in Britomart
  • creating thousands of paper planting pots for the Tread Lightly Caravan, to teach important messages about sustainability to local South Auckland children.

Find out more about the great work done by Alzheimers Auckland.

If you know of a group or organisation doing some pretty neat things to beautify Manukau and Auckland who could use some support, please let us know.  Phone 09 269 4080 or drop us an email.


The Para Kore programme works with marae throughout the Kitamaki region to increase the reuse, recycling and composting of materials thereby helping to reduce the extraction of natural resources and raw materials from Papatūānuku.  Sharing experiences around waste management, knowledge and resource.

Zero Waste is a call to action that aims to end the current take, make, and dispose mentality of human society. Zero Waste is a policy, a path, a target. It is a process, a new way of thinking. Most of all it is a vision. It's a new planning approach which closes the loop, so that all waste is a resource for another process.

We provide funding to help Parakore share their experience with waste management, knowledge and resource with 12 local Maraes, helping them achieve Zerowaste.  >> Find out more here.


We work with most South Auckland Town Centres within the Six Southern Local Board areas to arrange community and town centre clean-ups. These are usually held on a weekend so that family and friends can get together and make a fun day of it.

We support the town centre clean-ups by providing volunteers, equipment and resources for weeding, painting, rubbish transport and lunch on the day. The town centre clean-ups are always a great reminder of what can be achieved when communities work together.

Head to our events page to see where the next clean up is.


We work with many South Auckland primary and secondary schools.  We aim to work with all South Auckland Schools, helping each student learn more about keeping Auckland Beautiful.

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