Tiaki is a new environmental initiative of the Manukau Beautification Charitable Trust focused on creating ‘guardians of the environment’.  

From 2017, Tiaki will unite South Auckland communities, schools, environmental organisations, industry leaders, and encourage students to explore green careers through a project-based competition. 

The increasingly scientific and technological society we live in means that the biggest growth areas worldwide are in occupations linked to science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) and innovation. Solving problems is key to our future especially around sustainability and environmental issues.

Our 2017 project follows on from the successful 2016 pilot project ‘Sink or Swim’.  


Throughout 2016 we have run 'Sink Or Swim' - a pilot programme to pave the way for the full Tiaki programme in 2017.  Sink or Swim culminated in an expo and awards ceremony on 2 August at the Vodafone Events Centre.  The SOS pilot has been a resounding success, with students from four South Auckland schools partnering with local businesses to conceptualise and develop environmental solutions.

The four schools and their business partners were:

Manurewa High School (Boys) / Aeroqual

Manurewa High School boys' team won our SOS expo competition for best project for their work with Aeroqual.  Their project addressed the health hazards associated with excess moisture in damp, mouldy homes by 3D-printing an extrator fan with a built in timer and humidity sensor.  The aim of the project was to produce a cost effective solution for rental or Housing NZ homes where moisture is a problem. 

Manurewa High School (Girls) and Rongomai Primary School / Aeroqual

Manurewa High School girls' team and students from Rongomai Primary worked with Aeroqual on a project to measure, map and reduce CO2 levels in the classroom through the use of simple sensors and natural organisms such as plant life.  Excess CO2 levels in the classroom contribute to lethargy and lack of concentration. Pictured are Rongomai Primary School students experiencing the thrill of the Wero White Water Park following the Expo.

Sancta Maria College and Fisher & Paykel Healthcare

Sancta Maria College teamed up with Fisher & Paykel Healthcare to explore alternative ways to produce energy.  Their project converts kinetic energy created by exercise-machine stations into electrical energy.  The energy produced is directed to battery storage, where it is used to power LCD screens and LED indicators.

Aorere College and Opus

Aorere College worked with Opus to create a 21-century school community garden. The horizontal and vertical design of the garden is a great use of limited space, enabling an economic method of maximum food production.

All four schools and their business partners say they enjoyed the experience of working alongside each other throughout the 2016 pilot project, and that they found it to be mutually beneficial.  Check out more great photos from our SOS Expo here.

TIAKI 2017

The Trust has invited Years 9/10/11 and 12/13 students from ten secondary schools and organisations to compete in this project. Focussing on innovative solutions for local environmental and community issues students will work on their projects during Term 2 (1 May - 2 July 2017).

Students will present their projects for judging at the one-day Tiaki Expo on 11th August 2017 at the Sir Noel Robinson Conference Room at the Vodafone Events Centre in Manukau.

The Expo will also host environmental, green and STEM industry organisations, tertiary institutions and professionals who will engage students in activities and presentations to further their interest and inspire students. 


The core focus of the initiative is to bring together environmental disciplines and new innovations to develop youth to become community achievers and leaders who are able to help facilitate a sustainable and safe environment.

We believe that the only sustainable road to building tomorrow’s future is through today’s youth. That’s why we are committed to enabling young South Aucklanders to become custodians of their environment, by equipping them with the knowledge, passion and opportunity to take the lead in caring for their environment, now and into the future.

Our exceptional track record of working with South Auckland schools means we are well placed to deliver innovative environmental education programmes. On the back of our award-winning ‘Eye on Nature’ primary school initiative, we now seek to inspire, recognise and celebrate senior students.  Our Tiaki awards present an exciting opportunity to unite South Auckland communities, schools, environmental organisations and industry, by igniting an environmental flame of passion in our young people.


This is an exciting time for the Trust, and we’re keen to involve like-minded industry and organisations in this unique opportunity. 

The Trust is highly regarded in environmental education circles and enjoys excellent working relationships with South Auckland schools and our 30+ national and local environmental partners.  Our Tiaki programme offers a platform of knowledge, recognition and networking opportunities for sponsoring partner organisations.

We're asking the business community to get behind us in order to provide a holistic experience for students. Involvement of the business community is critical to ensure South Auckland students are exposed to the commercial aspects of environmental innovation.

Is your organisation seeking:

  • Greater connection with local students?
  • A larger pool of talent for apprenticeship or internship programmes?
  • A way to deliver your brand or industry to hundreds of students weighing up their futures?
  • A means of supporting your ‘employment brand’ within your organisation?

If so, we'd love to talk! 


Involvement in our Tiaki programme will give your organisation a range of exciting benefits and opportunities, including (but not limited to):

  • Direct access to schools and students
  • Access to future talent pool
  • Ease of access with the Trust as intermediary between your organisation and school
  • Access to innovative, left-field thinking of our youth
  • Potential commercialisation of student innovations
  • Brand exposure
  • Staff mentoring opportunities
  • Enhanced community relations
  • Platform for developing ongoing, meaningful relationships with students and school
  • Industry kudos
  • Increased staff satisfaction opportunities
  • Collaboration and networking opportunities

Sponsorship is limited.  If your organisation is  interested in participating as a sponsor, please contact:
Nicole Stanton on 0211442491 for further information.

We recognise the need for some flexibility, given that our partnering organisations will have different needs and objectives. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your organisation’s objectives, so we can work with you to adapt our sponsorship packages to best suit your needs.

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