Tagging Removal

Pakuranga College students help us paint out tagging in a local walkway

Last year we removed 41,593 square metres of tagging between 1 July 2015 - 30 June 2016, and we haven't stopped there! 

Our 24 hour response time has helped lower the graffiti activity in South Auckland dramatically. Just another way we are helping to beautify Auckland.

Painting out Graffiti/Tagging in our Community

Our graffiti removal team has several vans that travel throughout South Auckland each day removing graffiti from the main arterial routes and from fences and other council property.  

We need your help to keep an eye out for graffiti in South Auckland.  To report graffiti call the Manukau Beautification Trust on 09 269 4080  or  0800 END TAGS or email it to graffiti@mbct.org.nz. 

If the graffiti is not in our scope we'll report it to the right people. 

If you own or lease a commercial property that has been tagged, click here.


1. The Trust will remove graffiti free of charge in the following situations, using paint-out or waterblasting :

  • Road Frontage Fences - if we have the correct base colour (otherwise the owner of the property must supply the paint for our team to use)
  • All council buildings
  • Toilets in parks/playgrounds
  • Playgrounds in public parks and reserves
  • Road signs
  • Signage and other areas of council owned parks
  • Lamp posts
  • Footpaths

The Trust is contracted to Vector to keep all Vector utilities clean and tag-free - this includes lamp posts and Vector power boxes and cabinets.

2. The Trust does not undertake the following paint out or waterblasting tasks:

  • Spark equipment (Spark workers)
  • Motorway bridges (Transit and Opus)

All instances of paint out work where the Trust is not responsible can be reported to the Auckland Council Call Centre 09 262 5104 or 301 0101.


All commercial sites are the responsibility of the building owner or leasee. The Manukau Beautification Trust's Paint-Out Crew will assist with the paint out if the paint is supplied by either the building owner or leasee, within the boundaries of the Trust's set height restrictions.

The Trust has a programme to assist commercial property owners and occupiers in the Manukau region with the eradication of graffiti and tagging from their premises.

After the initial clean-up of the premises (either by MBCT or the owners) the Trust offers two options for ongoing support to commercial properties:

1. CASUAL:  We will supply and provide all labour, plant, equipment and materials for the removal of tagging on the commercial site, as requested by the property owner. These visits will be charged individually, as previously agreed between the owners and the Trust.

2. REGULAR: We will supply and provide all labour, equipment, plant and materials for the removal of tagging and the Trust will make twice weekly checks of the site, for a twelve month period. This will be charged as an annual maintenance fee.

The Trust will endeavour to complete the removal of any tagging within 24 hours of being made aware of the presence of tagging at the property.


We are able to assist comercial property owners with the planting of trees and shrubs adjacent to 'high risk walls' - this is a proven deterrent to tagging and vandalism.

We are also able to provide property owners with advice for protective coatings and other tagging preventative measures.


The Trust is keen to partner with private business owners to assist them in the persistent war against tagging.

Please contact us on 269 4080 to discuss.

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