Auckland's Rail Corridor Project

rubbish along the old rail corridor

We are contracted to maintain 25 kms of rail corridor from Te Mahia to Newmarket, including the branch-off to Sylvia Park. 

Before we started work on the rail corridor, sections of it used to look like the photo on the right.  We've filled hundreds of bags of rubbish, removed acres of weeds and painted sections of fenceline so that rail travellers can enjoy a much more pleasant commute!


Eradication of tagging has been a large part of the rail corridor project. Replacement of tagged areas with murals has proven an extremely effective deterrent to future tagging.


People continue to litter like it's a trend in South Auckland, despite the unattractive appearance and environmental impact. 

Last year we picked up 7056 kg of rubbish between 1 July 2014-30 June 2015.  Work with us and put your litter in the bins - and encourage your friends and whanau to do the same!

Any queries regarding the rail corridor can be directed to Anita Curlett at the Manukau Beautification Charitable Trust, phone 269 4080.

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