Our People


The Manukau Beautification Charitable Trust has ten trustees, appointed by the former Manukau City Council.  These trustees represent the interests of the various Manukau communities.

We also have the Manukau Beautification Trust team who look after the main areas of our work.  These are the people to contact if you want to get involved or have any questions about the work we do. 

Meet the team:

  • Pat Taylor QSM - Chairperson/Trustee
    Pat is a Justice of the Peace, a member of AUT's advisory board, Rotary director, Treasurer and former chair of his local business association. A successful motellier, Pat has also coached and managed representative rugby teams.
  • Christine Knock, MNZM - Trustee
    2012 New Zealander of the Year, Christine Knock is also a member of the New Zealand Order of Merit. Christine has a background in financial, project management and customer service.
  • Krishna Sharma - Trustee
    Consul, campaigner and adventurer Krishna Sharma is a member of the Somerville Rotary Club, and a member of the Global Organisation People of Indian Origin. Krishna brings to the Trust his experience in the media and advertising industry.
  • Praful Rambhai - Trustee
    Praful's expertise lies in local government and consultant engineering. A Trustee since 2007, Praful is forward thinking and people-focussed - great assets for our team.
  • Shirley Jessop - Trustee
    Shirley has a background in retirement village management, Ministry of Social Development management, and cosmetic company management. She has also been involved on school committees, and with Age Concern.
  • Graeme Bakker - General Manager
    Graeme's role as general manager includes policy management and project development, with focus on civic pride and environmental education. Graeme has been with the Trust for 12 years, and enjoys creating off-the-wall projects within his highly-organised office. A qualified primary school teacher, Graeme also has experience in company and property management.
  • Lincoln Jefferson - Operations Manager
    Lincoln's key responsibilities at the Trust include community engagement, commercial and community management, and relationship building. Lincoln joined the Trust in 2015 after gaining experience in the teaching and recreational sport sectors.
  • Barbara Carney - Relationship Manager
    Barbara is one of the Trust's original staff members, and has developed a wealth of expertise in her role as relationship and event manager. Barbara runs the Trust's Eye On Nature environmental education event, and other community projects.
  • Anita Curlett - Project Manager
    Anita is our Boomer Business project manager, our Health and Safety Officer, and makes sure we tick all the green boxes to gain our Eco Warranty each year.
  • Jane Newbury - Administration Manager
    Another long-time Trust employee, Jane juggles accounts, administration, helps with a diverse range of projects and still manages to offer a welcoming smile to people walking through the Trust's front door.
  • Scott Henderson - Graffiti Contract/Kiwirail Contract Management
    Scott's key roles include managing our Road and Rail team to ensure tagging is removed within 24 hours of it being reported to the Trust, and keeping Auckland's rail corridor clean, tidy and tag-free. He's so good at his job that both Auckland Council and the Mayor have recognised his contribution towards reducing graffiti vandalism.
  • The Road and Rail Team
    These are the wonderful staff who you'll see removing graffiti around the city, and working along Auckland's rail corridor.
  • Resident Artists
    Our resident artists provide invaluable support to the trust's projects to beautify Manukau.

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