Community Projects

Papakura Town Centre Clean-Up 2015

The Manukau Beautification Charitable Trust is involved in a large range of community projects in South Auckland, helping to beautify Manukau and Auckland year-round.

We work closely with schools, community groups, local businesses and individuals throughout Auckland's southern region (including Otahuhu, Mangere, Botany, Manukau, East Tamaki, Manurewa, Papakura and Franklin).

We bring communities and the environment together through exciting projects, including Murals, Work with Schools, Clean-Ups, and Environmental Presentations.

To see what we're doing in your community, see our current events page.


South Auckland is flourishing with artistic talent.  Unfortunately a small proportion of the talent spend their time tagging our public spaces!

In response to this we supply paint, equipment and artistic advice to groups to paint over tagging-prone areas.  By making parks, walkways and South Auckland's hotspots beautiful again, we discourage future tagging.

We've worked with schools and community groups to paint many wonderful murals around South Auckland.  Click here to see a few of them


We aim to encourage pride, respect and responsibility in the students towards their environment by working closely with many high schools in South Auckland. 

Students collaborate with us on projects such as reserve and creek clean-ups, and painting fences in walkways. 

We are also happy to visit schools or community groups to discuss graffiti/tagging.  These discussions will be supported by a representative from the Police who will give their view on this important issue.  Groups of students may be invited to gain some 'hands on' experience, going into their local parks and reserves to paint out tagging.

We are also a proud supporter of the Tread Lightly Caravan, Auckland’s only mobile environmental classroom packed with interactive exhibits and activities.  The Tread Lightly Caravan was specifically designed to teach and inspire students (years 5-8) to think and act upon the environmental consequences of their everyday lives.

In conjunction with the Maia Trust, we also run a youth programme at the Clendon Skate Park.  Students are welcome to join us after school for games, crafts and sports activities.


South Auckland is excellent at getting the community together!  Our community clean-ups are always a big hit.

We organise clean-ups in town centres, streams and parks to beautify them again by picking up rubbish, painting fences, tidying gardens, and much more.

In 2016 we organised the 'big kahuna' of all clean-ups - our NZ record attempt


We have a number of experts in different fields who love to share their knowledge with groups, individuals, organisations and students.

Our fun team-building interactive presentation on environmental impacts is designed to educate and inspire.


We're always finding new ways to work with and get the community together to beautify Manukau and Auckland.

Please contact us at 09 269 4080 or email us for more information on our community projects.

We have a great group of volunteers who help us with our community work.  If you'd like to help, please get in touch.

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